Mr Feelgood co-founders John Pearson (L) and Pete Samson (R)

Mr Feelgood is a lifestyle, culture, and personal development digital magazine and community; co-founded and edited by supermodel John Pearson and journalist Pete Samson, with creative direction by Alison Edmond. We cover lifestyle and life itself — so not only what we wear, watch and buy, but also what we feel, think and do. Central to our mission is to demystify the world of mental wellness to get to the core of the people, brands, and ideas that can help enhance our lives. We feature inspirational stories, pragmatic health advice, culture recommendations, style tips, and more.

We believe:

Mindfulness doesn’t need panpipes. Worthwhile culture can be fun. Self-improvement can be achieved without crystals, but it should be crystal clear. And we can embrace a more conscientious life and still like nice stuff.

We try:

To bring stories, experiences, and products that will enhance lives. They could make us feel better, look better, do better — sometimes all three. We give our honest opinion of everything we curate and only recommend things we believe in.

We are:

Not perfect — far from it. But please join us on our quest to get our s*** together and lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Branding by James Timmins.