We’ve been inspired by covering the stories of brands and products that we believe can enhance the inner and outer style of our Mr Feelgood community. You can buy some of our favorites here.

The Celebrity-Tested House of Skuff

Founded by the godmother of men's grooming, Mira Chai Hyde, House of Skuff is the result of more than three decades at the sharp end of the male beauty industry. Mira was a roommate and collaborator of the late, great designer Alexander McQueen, and has had the likes of Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, and David Beckham in her barber's chair. She's used all that experience and creativity to formulate her all-natural House of Skuff products, which proudly state they are 'Tested on Celebrities Not Animals'. Potion No1 is a silky, all-purpose styling cream with a light to medium hold. It can give that elegantly disheveled, no-product look that so many people want, but very few products successfully achieve. Or it can be layered to add more hold for a sharper, slicker style. With more products coming this year, and a portion of all proceeds going to charity, Mira's brand is ready to follow her personal career path and reach the very top.

Dewar's and Jay Fielden Make a Beautiful Couple

Dewar's and Jay Fielden Make a Beautiful Couple

With Valentine's Day around the corner, acclaimed writer and former Esquire magazine editor Jay Fielden has partnered with Dewar's Scotch Whisky to create some unique alternatives to the clichéd messages changing hands at this time of year. From witty pick-up lines to satiric social commentary, these 'Mal-entine's Day' cards are available with the purchase of a bottle of Dewar's 12 Year leading up to the big day. As a part of Dewar's online personalization emporium, folks can choose from 12 cheeky cards penned by Fielden, who the The New York Times once wrote had “the belletrist whimsy of Oscar Wilde and the gunslinger gusto of Wild Bill Hickok." With Fielden's help, you can fire cupid's arrow with a sharper edge this year.

God’s True Cashmere 1

Cashmere Dream

Continuing the spirit of friendship, this issue’s FeelGoods choice is from a business borne out of a gift, from friend to friend. Holistic healer and jewelry designer Sat Hari had a unique button-up cashmere shirt made for her pal Brad Pitt, which inspired a business partnership, and God’s True Cashmere was created. Each shirt is made from 100% cashmere made in Italy, and the yarns are sourced from various ethical goat farms (“We’d love to have our own goat farms [one day]”, Sat Hari told Vogue. “And to name all our goats”, added Pitt.). The shirts are also embellished with 11 snaps, made of gemstones hand-carved in India to represent the chakras of the body. The line already has a cult following, and has since introduced tracksuits, with accessories and blankets coming this winter.

Supplements Fit For Bruce Wayne

When ASYSTEM founder Oli Walsh was asked to create Bruce Wayne's daily supplements, it was a "dream brief" for the self-proclaimed "comic nerd."  Partnering with Warner Bros, Discovery, Uncrate.com, and DC, ASYSTEM are now launching two new products inspired by the wealthy vigilante behind the superhero Batman. Out now is the PRE-WORKOUT+ supplement, powered by the potent mushroom cordyceps, ashwagandha, and beetroot powder to boost energy and improve muscle strength and endurance. And coming soon is the IMMUNITY+ supplement, anchored by the clinically-backed ingredient Elder-Mune, which helps boost our ability to fight off infections, and reduce the duration and severity of respiratory illnesses. The products are part of a broader range of sophisticated lifestyle goods being released under the banner of Wayne Enterprises, inspired by the Gotham protector.

Gucci's Sunshine State

At Mr Feelgood, we’re all about finding ways to add extra happiness to our lives, so we’re loving this wind-cheater with nothing but positive vibes, and a paradisiacal print to inspire us even on chillier summer days. With Father’s Day this weekend, you can find more unique offerings from Gucci for the dad in your life here. Check out the super modern Grip Watch, plus the results of Gucci’s genius collaboration with Adidas.

Roxanne Assoulin Support Ukraine Bracelet

Jewelry designer Roxanne Assoulin has created a bracelet to stand with Ukraine, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to the UN Refugee Agency supporting victims of the Russian invasion. The UNHCR provides emergency shelter and life-saving aid to Ukraine refugees, learn more about the organization here. The first batch of the $80 bracelet sold out in a day, but more are currently available to preorder at Roxanne Assoulin. Preorder your bracelet.

Tutima x Esquivel Compass Collection

German watch brand Tutima and Los Angeles-based designer George Esquivel, who rose from tough beginnings to become a shoe maker to the stars, have joined forced to release their Compass travel collection. The limited edition set of a Tutima Patria Dual Time watch, accompanied with a leather watch holder, Chelsea boots, and overnight duffle bag all handcrafted by Esquivel, unites the collaborators shared values of quality, timeless design and craftmanship. The collection is available at Esquivel Shoes, and you can read our article on George’s inspirational personal story here. Shop the Collection.

Join a New Fitness Aarmy

Legendary ad man Trey Laird and his renowned personal trainer Akin Akman have combined their unique skills and experience to launch AARMY — a digital fitness community improving our physical and mental strength.

The SuperDad System

We featured ASYSTEM co-founder Oli Walsh’s tips for building good habits here. And a great way to begin a healthy wellness routine is with ASYSTEM’s SuperDad pack, featuring Superhuman Supplements to improve the mind and body, a Performance Skincare Set to fix dark circles and more, a Radical Relief Roll-On for maintaining mobility, and De-Stress Gummies for, well, life.

Voicing Change With Rich Roll

The wisdom of endurance athlete, plant-based diet advocate, and podcaster Rich Roll has stuck with us since our interview last year. “Mood follows action,” he told us. “The change in state that you seek is only a result of taking actions.” His inspirational book ‘Voicing Change’ is a highlight reel from his podcast, which is among the most successful in the world of wellness, featuring timeless wisdom from the world’s most accomplished and cutting-edge minds.

Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Watch

Tom Ford’s 002 Ocean Plastic Timepiece helps us to look and feel good. The timepiece is simple, elegant, and made from 100% ocean plastic waste. The equivalent of 35 plastic bottles are used to make each watch and strap, upcycled with 100% solar energy, and the packaging is also made from entirely recycled material. So for every 1000 watches sold, approximately 490lbs of plastic from the ocean is reduced.