Mushroom Magic

The new kid on the block in the mushroom therapeutics arena is Wonderverse Wellness. Utilizing compounds from the functional, non-psychedelic ‘Amanita Mascara’, WW have created two products which Mr Feelgood co-founder John Pearson test ran and found thoroughly up to what it says on the label.

Designed as an AM/PM mood supplement, EUPHORIA helps to take the edge off by reducing body tension, stress and providing a more uplifting mood. LUCID, WW’s nighttime companion, helps to soothe a wired and tired nervous system, recalibrating sleep cycles by drawing on Muscimol, the mushroom’s active ingredient, coordinating with the brain’s soothing neurotransmitter, GABA.

Provided in liquid form in an easy to use tincture means quicker absorption, no added sugars (versus gummies) and no glysimic spikes. John says, “I have to say, I felt in no way impaired re my cognitive faculties and slept deeply and through the night. With EUPHORIA, there was an ease and a consistency to my mood that lasted and with LUCID, yes, my dreams were perhaps slightly more memorable, but not at all trippy!”

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