Enjoy Your Time With Panerai

Last week Mr Feelgood were invited guests at the opening of ‘Casa Panerai’, the new Panerai flagship on Madison Avenue in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The esteemed manufacturer of luxury timepieces, which combines Swiss watchmaking know-how with chic Italian design, opened their very first shop in 1860 at ‘Ponte alle Grazie’ in Florence, serving not only as a watch shop and workshop, but also as the city’s first watchmaking school. One of their prize contributions to the high-end watch market is the ‘Luminor’, patented in January 1949 and named with a nod to all the luminescent and self-luminescent materials used. These watches are some of our all-time favorites — rugged, elegant and precision pieces of collectable art that will bridge many generations. If you aspire to owning such a treasure — or perhaps to gift one for the upcoming Father’s Day — our Feelgoods pick this week is the Luminor Marina PAM01312 -44MM. And learn more about the Panerai collections for both men and women at panerai.com.

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