Beauty and Comfort in Zvelle’s Sole

“Walk how you want” is the mission celebrated by Elle AyoubZadeh, founder and creative director of independent shoe line Zvelle. Zvelle’s limited run footwear is focussed on essential design elements, exquisite Italian craftsmanship, and the rarest materials that embody softness and boldness. Zvelle’s creations are not dictated by season or trends, but rather crafted in timeless styles, sustainably, with charm, individual experience, and quality at their heart. This year saw Zvelle unveil their first men’s sneaker, available in two classic-inspired styles, The Ray high tops and Lore low tops. Both are as comfortable as they are beautiful. You can take our word for it, or the likes of Denzel Washington, Sterling K. Brown, John David Washington, and Jeremy Renner.

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