Happy Healing

We at Mr Feelgood were lucky enough to be treated to a perfect double dose of relaxation and nourishment this week, supping Ayurvedic rich blends from Chakra Chai, prior to experiencing the serenity of an Altha Healing sound bath session. We rarely feel this good.


Hoda Mohajerani, the Persian/British Founder & CEO of Chakra Chai in California, says her mission is to heal the planet and people through supporting local and global regenerative practices. Her delicious products include rich chai superdrinks – choose from Power, Love, Truth, Insight, Flow, Root and Spirit – and alchemical truffles activated with sound and supporting a high vibration. As Hoda says, nourishment for the alignment of your body, soul, mind and practice, all whilst balancing the seven primary chakras.


From the fast pace of Formula One public relations and event planning, founder, CEO and native Italian Letizia Silvestri did a complete about turn when she discovered the power of sound whilst helping her beloved dog Zen with anxiety. She became a certified healer, and now offers a wide range of ‘baths’ – immersive experiences where the sound waves wash over the body, deepening relaxation and reparation, heightening focus and improving mood and sleep – in a wide variety of private, corporate or retreat situations … and of course a canine offering is also available.

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