Formula Fig: Skin Deep

There’s a new kid on the recently-regenerated block of North Sycamore in Hollywood, which in the last few years has welcomed Tartine Restaurant, fashion’s coolest Los Angeles store Just One Eye, Supervinyl record shop, and eyewear’s leading maverick Jacques Marie Mage. Formula Fig — originally founded in Vancouver by beauty pioneer JJ Walsh, and with a fifth store about to be opened in Canada — decided it was time to head to the west US coast and open up to the clientele of Tinseltown. Offering transformative skin therapies, stingers (injectables), hyper functional facials (in a schedule friendly 30-45 minutes), and a wide array of covetable products, it promises to fill that lunch break with revitalized skin in the time it takes to queue for your salad. JJ, also a mum-of-three, wanted to create a marketplace where all aspects of skincare were available under one roof, housed in a calming atmosphere and fig-green color palette. We test drove their All-In Facial which nourished and tightened and will definitely be back for more. Self-care isn’t only skin deep but a little lunchtime pampering can do much to sharpen the swagger and make you feel good.

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