What the F*** Is Mr Feelgood?

We shed some light on our goals for Mr Feelgood, our new digital magazine and community, and explain how you can get involved.

One of our favorite questions at Mr Feelgood is, “What the f*** is that?” And we’ll be asking it a lot.

From mindful dressing to biodynamic farming, the world of self-improvement is full of interesting ideas that can seem aloof, confusing or even a little crazy. But among these ideas is inspiration and wisdom which we should approach with an open mind and pick and choose bits that work for us. To do that we have to demystify some of these concepts and get to the core of the people, brands and ideas that can help enhance our lives.

This site is going to try to help with that. So first, we should perhaps ask, “What the f*** is Mr Feelgood?”

We want our platform to inspire, support, entertain and encourage our community of readers to lead happier and healthier lives. We cover lifestyle and life itself — so not only what we wear, watch and buy but also what we feel, think and do.

We offer inspirational stories, pragmatic wellness advice, culture recommendations, style tips and more.

We feature contributions from the most exciting talent and minds — from writers and photographers to business and spiritual pioneers. We will bring a network of mentors from all walks of life under one digital roof who will share their own advice, wisdom and lessons learned.

And we offer and recommend carefully curated services, products and experiences to try and help us increase our satisfaction with life and fulfill our potential. We will collaborate with brands who share our ethos and whose stories we believe in — and that we believe should be shared with the world. These brands will value the true evolution of modern man that so many brands have fallen behind.

Central to our goal is our belief that it’s time our mental health was treated with the same pragmatic straight-talk as our physical fitness. Understanding and improving our mental fitness should not feel depressing but be part of an exciting, aspirational lifestyle choice.

And we want to have a laugh along the way. It is the best medicine after all.

As well as interesting practices and ideas, we want to get to the heart of some inspirational people too. So another of our favorite questions is, “Who the f*** are you?” We will be asking members of our community 20 questions that we think help to solve that mystery, starting with legendary supermodel and Mr Feelgood co-founder John Pearson.

Much of our content is written with men in mind, as we believe a content hub featuring pragmatic mental wellness advice and inspiration for men is much-needed. But we of course hope everyone will find something of value on our platform and join us on this road.

Creating Mr Feelgood has been our passion project throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, and has helped to support and inspire us through these challenging times as we sought out the best stories, wisdom and contributors to help lift our spirits and improve our well-being. We hope our content will have the same effect on you, at a time that connecting with each other and sharing ideas via digital means is more important than ever.

But we don’t have all the answers and don’t want this to be a one-way conversation. We are inviting you to join our community and help to guide and inspire us. Please sign up in the footer below to join the conversation and be the first to hear about our new content and recommended products. Please follow and engage with us on Instagram and Facebook or email us your thoughts and ideas at hello@mrfeelgood.com.

And in the coming weeks we will reveal new ways to engage with our community, including a ‘Culture Club’ for us all to recommend and discuss what we should watch, listen to and read to enrich our lives. More online discussion groups will follow for conversations about other topics from style tips to mental health, and will be launching a podcast, so sign up to find out more about those. Hopefully we’ll all find something in these pages to support, inspire and motivate us.

Enjoy the ride.


WE BELIEVE: Mindfulness doesn’t need panpipes. Worthwhile culture can be fun. Self-improvement can be achieved without crystals, but it should be crystal clear. And we can live a more thoughtful life and still like nice stuff.

WE TRY: To bring stories, experiences and products that will enhance lives. They could make us feel better, look better, be better – sometimes all three. We give our honest opinion of everything we curate and only recommend things we believe in.

WE ARE: Not perfect – far from it. But please join us on our quest to get our s*** together and live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

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