Coffee With Extra Perks

Around three quarters of Americans drink coffee, making it the most commonly consumed drink after water. So if we can find new ways for that habit to help us become healthier or happier, the benefits could be significant. Smart coffee has become a new boom industry, with these five brands all examining new ways to enhance or even replace our morning ritual.


As the name suggests, Happy Coffee claims to elevate our mood with the help of nootropics, which are supplements that can boost brain performance. The company is growing fast with an community-based sales strategy, where fans of the brand can become partners and make additional income by promoting and selling the product themselves. And David Raynr, who is a brand ambassador as well as a successful actor, director and producer, says, “The coffee is infused with nootropics which help the brain trigger dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. The vision is a product that makes people feel good, perform at their best, and achieve optimal results.”



This Finnish start-up’s Adaptogen Coffee Mix, which supplements organic instant coffee with mushrooms and herbs that help balance the body and fight stress, currently sits between big-hitting Nescafe and Starbucks products in the Top 5 instant coffee best sellers on Amazon. Other products from Four Sigmatic include superfood smoothies and an evening cacao drink infused with organic reishi mushrooms, known for their relaxing qualities. Founder Tero Isokauppila, who naps on a nail bed every day, says his goal is to “get the world drinking mushrooms.”



VitaPerk is a flavorless, powder-based supplement you can add to any cup of coffee, so customers don’t have to give up their favorite brand. Each packet provides 15 vitamins and minerals including B6, B12, guarana and green tea extract to add a healthy kick to your morning drink. Part of the idea behind the concept is we are more likely to remember to take our morning vitamins if we connect it with our coffee habit. Founder Brad Kifferstein says, “We aspire to be healthy, but we get busy, we forget, and we fall off the wagon, but we never forget our coffee.”



Coffee giant Starbucks are, of course, getting in on the act, and last year launched a new line of fortified coffee to be made at home. Their Essential Vitamins Blend includes five different B vitamins to help convert your food into energy, and the Golden Turmeric Blend has added turmeric, ginger and cinnamon for their healing and antioxidant qualities.



A coffee alternative rather than fortified beans, MUD/WTR has one seventh of the caffeine as a cup of coffee, but is packed with other organic ingredients known for their health and performance benefits. The brand promises the “focus and energy” of coffee without the “jitters, crash and shitty sleep.” Its ingredients include cacao and cordycep mushrooms and energy, turmeric and cinnamon for their antioxidants, chaga and reishi mushrooms to support a healthy immune system, and lion’s mane for focus. And it’s all organic, gluten free and vegan (lion’s mane is a mushroom too!).

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