New for ‘22: Mr Feelgood TV

We’re excited to introduce our new video interviews, kicking off with the charismatic actor Simon Rex.


I wanted to say a big, warm, loving hello and my hope is that you’re all on the up, finding a positive footing and feeling an optimistic vibe in this new(ish) year of 2022!

I don’t know about you, but ‘22 just seems better – perhaps it sounds silly, but I just dig the number really, it’s look, the way it sounds. It’s the Chinese Year of the Tiger, the Water Tiger at that, which is a rarity and only occurs every 60 years, so I’d better make the most of this one! And an astrologer friend recently reported this is the first time that the planet Pluto has made its journey around the sun, and will be in the exact same position on February 20, 2022, as it was on July 4, 1776, the USA’s original Independence Day. Sounds like an excuse for a party!

I’m certainly no expert on these matters but something about them warms me a little. We should embrace whatever helps us to smell the roses and feel good. And while things are still kicking off all over our world, since January 1 I’ve managed to do my thing, cut down my attention to all news drastically, meditate every morning, and steal the first hour to myself without touching my phone, heeding my own advice which I previously outlined in this piece.

And speaking of feeling good, I’m just so thrilled and proud to bring you a new facet to our offering here. Pete and I have always intended Mr Feelgood to be a community sharing stories on multiple platforms, and are therefore very happy to bring you our first ‘proper’ filmed interview, with the ebullient and truly brilliant actor Simon Rex. I mean, there’s so much to say about this man… talk about journey, philosophy, faith, fun, and laughter. He enthused and lifted our spirits, and was a natural in front of our man Guy Aroch’s camera in the accompanying photo shoot. Mr Feelgood indeed!

Please watch the video below, which will be the first of many conversations we also present in this medium. It’s available as a podcast on Spotify and Apple too. And also check out the written interview and awesome photoshoot here.

We are excited to bring you more video content in the future, whilst never losing touch of the intimacy and honesty of our conversations with people from all walks of life. We all have brilliant, beneficial stories to share that can help inspire, be restorative, and stimulate hope and growth.

Before I go, I just want to give a huge shout out to Alison Edmond, who shares her creative magic like a miracle worker; to Pete, our words-man rock; and to our community of creatives who truly do feel like a family, across states and oceans, who regularly contribute their talents, time and passion to our collective goals. You deliver week in and week out and I’m very grateful.

So… time to get stuck in.

Enjoy Mr Feelgood ‘22!

Always with love,


John is a world-renowned male model who has been the face of countless leading fashion houses. During his 36-year modeling career he has also moonlighted as an actor, writer, restauranteur, editor, and producer. He co-founded Mr Feelgood to provide a safe space for candid discussion and sharing ideas.

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