Philip Lawrence’s Feelgood Playlist

The Smeezingtons songwriter shares his favorite uplifting tunes with our Mr Feelgood community.

Philip Lawrence has brought joy to millions around the world with his musical talent.

As one third of The Smeezingtons songwriting and producing team, alongside Bruno Mars and Ari Levine, he’s been behind most of Bruno’s biggest hits as well as numerous other iconic tracks, including CeeLo Green’s 2010 global smash ‘F**k You!’. He also wrote the tunes for the 2020 festive flick ‘Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey’, has played a part in endless more releases in his role as a recording studio owner and music entrepreneur, and has earned eight Grammys for his work.

Here, the host of new CBS family competition show ‘Come Dance With Me’, who has this week also sat down for a candid chat with Mr Feelgood about his personal and professional achievements, shares the tunes he listens to when he wants to inspire creativity and keep smiling.

“Music has always been such an important part of my life,” Philip says. “Whether it was performing in church as a kid, or listening to my dad’s extensive record collection as a teenager, music always serves as the perfect backdrop for any and every occasion.

“The right song at the right time can change the trajectory of your entire day, month or even your year! I’m naturally a pretty optimistic guy, so here’s a few tunes I like to put on to keep me in that state of mind.”

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