Zane Lowe and Harry Styles

Zane Lowe’s Top Ten Interviews

The Apple Music DJ's greatest hits feature soul-searching conversations with the cream of the music world.

Harry Styles (2022)

In what is now becoming a recurring date for Harry and Zane, they meet in Palm Springs, California, to discuss the singer’s third solo album ‘Harry’s House’. The pair last recorded an interview just before the world went into lockdown, as Harry released his second album ‘Fine Line’. So this latest chat, as we emerge from the pandemic, charts the changes in Harry’s life and the world around him — discussing finding a healthier life/work balance, therapy, and his lockdown recording process.

Lady Gaga (2020)

Speaking virtually during lockdown, Zane and Lady Gaga have a deeply pertinent chat about self-care, mental health, and how we can keep moving forward as the world shuts down. The pop superstar also offers insight into working with artists Ariana Grande, BLACKPINK, and Elton John on her latest record, ‘Chromatica’.  But she tells Zane she doesn’t consider their interview album promotion. “I view this conversation as something I would want to do anyway,” she says.

Kendrick Lamar (2017)


Kendrick speaks to Zane in his first interview after releasing his 2017 album, ‘DAMN.’. They talk politics, religion, musical influences, longevity, and more in a wide-reaching and provocative conversation which does justice to the rich, layered themes of this groundbreaking record. “I want to challenge the way you think,” Kendrick tells Zane.

Ed Sheeran (2021)

The prolific singer-songwriter discusses his musical process, being open-minded to opportunities, and enjoying the ride. “I never made music to play Wembley Stadium. I was so stoked just to get paid to play in a pub,” Ed says. He also pays tribute to the role Zane played in his journey, as he releases his latest album ‘=’. “There’s a whole generation of kids who don’t understand what a tastemaker you were. You literally played my record, and that was the reason ‘A-Team’ started rolling.”

Tyler, The Creator (2019)

Chatting after the release of ‘Igor’, which made Tyler, The Creator the first solo rap artist to have a fully self-produced and self-arranged album at No1 in the Billboard chart, the pair dive deep into the artist’s music influences, from Pusha-T to 1980s UK pop (he’s a big fan of Everything But The Girl).

Adele (2021)

A beautifully warm and poignant conversation to discuss the release of Adele’s eagerly-awaited album, ’30’. The singer desrcirbes the deeply personal inspiration behind each track on the record. “This is my story, and I feel like it’s me taking back my narrative,” she says.

Jack White (2022)

Zane joins Jack in his natural habitat of Detroit, Michigan, to discuss his new album, ‘Fear of the Dawn’, and the rise of his label Third Man Records. The White Stripes frontman talks about not having a cellphone, the advice he got from Prince, his special relationship with his hometown, and more.

Lizzo (2022)

Opening with a smile-inducing impromptu duet as Zane picks up his guitar for a rendition of Lizzo’s track ‘Special’, the pair talk about the healing nature of songwriting, music as therapy, overcoming negativity, and using her platform in a turbulent moment for the world. With Coldplay’s Chris Martin making a surprise cameo, the interview, like Lizzo herself, is a joy.

The 1975 (2022)

The 1975 frontman Matt Healy takes Zane on a tour of his hometown of Manchester, England, to celebrate the release of the band’s fifth album, ‘Being Funny In a Foreign Language’. The pair have a searingly honest conversation about culture, identity, journaling, self-analysis, addiction, and more. Matt’s thoughts about the relationship between culture and politics, and the cutting of funding for the arts, is a particular highlight. “If you are the minister of culture, you should be able to f***,” he says. “And you should know who Aphex Twin is.”

Justin Bieber (2020)

The former teen idol shows his adult side, discussing how he has risen from a place of shame and self-destruction to find love and stability with his wife Hailey. He tells Zane, “I just want people to understand the psychology behind why I could potentially have problems in my life. Thank you for being here and helping me tell that story.”

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