Last-Minute Feelgood Gift Guide

Still stumped for a gift for the Mr Feelgood in your life? Here are ten products we love from some of our favorite brands.

Gucci — Velvet jacket

Marvel (L) and Victory (R) Ebinum // 📸 : Hamish Brown // All clothes by Gucci

Worn by Marvel (left) in our shoot with artistic communicators The Ebinum Brothers, this Gucci bordeaux stretch velvet jacket is still available in select stores. It was part of a line marking the 100th anniversary of the brand, with creative director Alessandro Michele reinterpreting a number of Tom Ford’s most iconic looks, specifically a number of velvet jackets characterized by a peak lapel and satin details.

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ASYSTEM — SuperDad System

We featured ASYSTEM co-founder Oli Walsh’s tips for building good habits on the site this month. A great way to help a busy dad in your life to begin a healthy wellness routine is with their SuperDad pack, featuring Superhuman Supplements to improve the mind and body, a Performance Skincare Set to fix dark circles and more, a Radical Relief Roll-On for maintaining mobility, and De-Stress Gummies for, well, life.

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Vain Glorious by Jeremy Langmead

Editor and lifestyle journalist Jeremy Langmead compiles all he has learnt about grooming, fashion, and men’s skincare into an amusing yet ultimately useful paperback, sharing his tales of undergoing many of the self-improvement cosmetic treatments he espouses — or not — from Botox to hair transplants, and new veneers to delicately waxing his nether regions. “People shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of caring about how they look, and they shouldn’t be ashamed of not caring about how they look either,” he told us earlier this year. “So, to try and take away that taboo, I suppose, is why I wrote the book. But I didn’t want to make it too preachy and boring, which is why I put my disasters in there too!”

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Brunello Cucinelli — Cashmere corduroy deconstructed blazer

Darren wears  BRUNELLO CUCINELLI cashmere jacket, roll neck sweater and jeans. CONVERSE sneakers, and jewelry, his own.

Artist, director and writer Darren Le Gallo wore this beautiful Brunello Cucinelli cashmere corduroy jacket, along with the luxury brand’s roll-neck sweater and jeans, for our Fall Fashion story. And sharing his dreams for the future, which feel particularly pertinent at this time of togetherness, Darren told us: “I think it would be great if we could all be on the same page, as humans, and be a little less selfish. I feel like we’re moving there a little bit, but I think it would be great if we acknowledge that, as long as people aren’t trying to hurt each other, everyone should have an equal right to experience life the best they can, regardless of what they believe in, what their sex is, or what they identify with.”

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Hao Life — Got Game

Hao Life co-founder William Li told us how he launched the brand to offer superblends of plants and herbs with healing qualities, inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine philosophies, and techniques passed down by his ancestors. Got Game is their supplement to stabilize potential hormonal shifts as men grow older, to promote athletic ability, sexual appetite, and overall endurance. “What is interesting about this formula is it was started in 17th century China by aristocratic older men who were trying to keep up with all their concubines,” William explained. “It’s going to give you support and stamina in all areas of your life… and is far cheaper than buying a Ferrari!”

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Aerrem bag

Steve Bauerfeind and Paul Kradin are two entrepreneurs putting the earth first, and we’re big fans of the Los Angeles-based couple’s work. Their latest green venture is the Aerrem tote bag, designed with a removable, washable, tactical nylon lining, which features two spaces specifically for holding cups or bottles upright, to ensure we never leave home without our reusable water and coffee cups. To design the bag they enlisted the help of two fashion legends who we also respect hugely, former GQ creative director Jim Moore and shoemaker George Esquivel. Paul told us: “The through line between these different ventures that Steve and I have started is we’re trying to change people’s simple behaviors, to bring about a really positive difference.”

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Voicing Change by Rich Roll

Endurance athlete, plant-based diet advocate, and podcaster Rich Roll remains one of our favorite interviewees, and his wisdom has stuck with us. “Mood follows action,” he told us. “The change in state that you seek is only a result of taking actions.” His wonderful book ‘Voicing Change’ is a highlight reel from his podcast, which is among the most successful in the world of wellness with more than 140 million downloads, featuring some of his conversations with the world’s most accomplished and cutting edge minds.

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Seedlip trio

For all the sophistication of a festive cocktail, without the unsophisticated hangover, Seedlip were the first brand to offer a distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Their founder Ben Branson told us the story behind the company, which remains a leader in growing alcohol-free market. This trio is a great way to try their full range, the aromatic Spice 94, the fresh and herbal Garden 108 and the citrus Grove 42.

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Feals — The Flight

Give the gift of calm this holiday season with The Flight from CBD brand Feals. This is a great introduction for those new to CBD. Each of the three vials contains a different strength, so users can start with the mildest and work their way up to the strongest to find their ideal dose. In our interview, Feals co-founder Alex Iwanchuk shared how CBD had helped him overcome anxiety and depression to become an innovator at the forefront of the wellness industry.

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AARMY subscription

A subscription to the digital fitness community AARMY could help your loved-one train both his body and mind. Trey Laird, the legendary ad man who co-founded the company with his personal trainer Akin Akman, told us how AARMY’s philosophy is in tune with our changing fitness goals. “I think it’s really about being the best you can be,” he said. “It’s beyond just surface goals — whether it’s a six pack, big bicep guns or anything. It’s really just, ‘How do you feel?’”

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